Supershark Fossils Found in Texas

Jocelin Egeland, Writer

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According to Fox News, scientists have recently discovered a new set of fossils that lived 300 million years ago that they are nicknaming the “Texas Supershark” in Jacksboro, Texas.

These fossils are more than 26 feet long. Which is 25 percent larger than the great white sharks today.

Scientists are still trying to find out if these new sharks are a whole new species or an already known breed such as the Glikmanius Occidentalis. The teeth of these sharks are something the researchers have never seen before which is leading them towards a whole new breed.

Until the supersharks were discovered, the oldest giant sharks were 130 million years old.

“Discovering these supersharks is important because it sets the date for when the world was created-longer ago than we originally thought” junior Vince Costanza said.

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