Chicago man charged with Child Endangerment

Kaitlyn Minet, News Editor

A man is charged for Child Endangerment after his son shot his younger brother in Chicago, Illinois.

Michael Santiago bought a gun to protect himself, but did not intend for his six-year-old son to get ahold of it and fatally shoot his three-year-old brother, according to CBS News.

The six-year-old son discovered the gun and accidentally shot his younger brother while playing “cops and robbers”, according to CNN.

Meanwhile, his dad was at work and his grandfather, in the room above them, heard the shot and found the three-year-old, but unfortunately the wound was too fatal and he was soon pronounced dead, according to CNN.

Santiago was charged with child endangerment but later released on bail. Although, Santiago did not shoot the gun, some believe he has some liability in this.

“He should be held responsible because he left the gun alone when he knew he had kids around in the house,” junior Shelby Hilburn said.

Others think he could have taken better precaution of the situation to keep his children out of harm’s way.

“If he knew he was in danger he should have kept his kids away from the entire situation,” junior Azul Allende said.