Student Becomes Passionate For Java


Photo by Alyssa Magrone

Amy Chavarin, Writer

Starting in computer programing class, junior Michael Armendariz quickly excelled in the class and spent most of the time creating other programs.

Armendariz has developed his own harmless computer programs.

“I probably finished the curriculum for both first and second semester after a month and a half of actually being in the class, so I started to do things that would be fun. I stepped into making simple Java games then moved towards writing undesired programs,” Armendariz said.

He used an application called Java, which runs programs across both Window and Apple systems.

“I have written everything though Java. There are multiple programs that you can use to write Java. I have just used a Java compiler online,” Armendariz said.

One program Armendariz created incudes the mouse teleporting all over the screen and clicking on every thing a persons’ mouse touches.

“I imported a number randomizer and then I set the mouse to move where ever this random number was set to the coordinates on the screen so it is literally all random,” Armendariz said.

The program runs differently every time it is used because the way the number randomizer works.

“I had to import job Java utilities to actually control the mouse and move it each time I add a new set of numbers,” Armendariz said.

Armendariz does not plan on attending college for computer programing because he does not have a desire to do this for living because Armendariz has not stepped into the hacking world.

“I think that might take a little bit out fun out of on what I am doing,” Armendariz said.

The computer programing field is not a route he thinks he will take.

Computer programing teacher Bradley Anderson knew Armendariz had the ability to create more just Java games.

“I think he could do well in anything he is a bright student, but he wants to go more engineering. This is just more of a hobby,” Anderson said.