Just keep swimming


Emily Elliott

Junior Jessi Mizner practicing the freestyle at Gladstone Community Center on Sept. 24

Angela Sluder, Writer and photographer

This year the swim team faced a lot of adversity and setbacks.

A struggle the coaches were forced to reckon with was the swimmer to coach ratio.

“There’s only five coaches to forty swimmers,” said Coach Hartley.

One obstacle swimmers has overcome is hectic scheduling. Varsity swimmers are responsible for being at practice six days a week, while junior varsity only have to practice five days a week, but are encouraged to go to as many as they can.

“I definitely don’t hang out with as many people as I used to but I still try to,” said freshman Sutton Ward.

Most kids get introduced into swimming through their parents.

“My mom made me and I just liked it so I stayed in it,” Sutton Ward said.

With all of these obstacles, the swim team is still making room to improve.

“We are rebuilding from last year,” Coach Johnston said.