Dear Ch-ch-ch-changes,

Q: How do you make the best of your senior year at high school even though you didn’t want to move to a new place or that high school?


Abi Hutton

I am having a similar experience currently. I find it akin to beginning high school all over again, yet it contrasts in that you have years of high school experience and learning behind you. If there is anything you wish you had done differently at your previous school, now you know how to turn that around and have the opportunity to. If you do not, it is still a very manageable condition.


High school is a very memorable time for most, however it is not the end all or be all of your life. It is hard to be a teenager, and no one will deny you that, but high school is its own little world inside of a bigger, better world with tons of more opportunities. Since you are a senior you can coast through this last year and enter a world with different challenges. You cannot erase the past three years at a school you loved, and I’m guessing you would have to break your back to even try to keep going to your old school. In this case, you can try something called Radical Acceptance, which is a DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) technique.


This therapy stresses that two seemingly opposite things can both be true at the same time. This is a stressful event, yet at the same time it is a great opportunity to expand your horizons. You can be at this new school and fully engage to end your senior year with a bang using the techniques of a freshman and the knowledge of a senior. Ask questions, show your talents, maybe join the same classes and clubs for consistency or dive into something your last school didn’t even offer. Plus, now that you are older, staying in touch with old friends from your last school is a lot easier; and having them to lean on will help you emotionally and socially, so there is no need to toss them out on this new path.


You’ve made it this far in the game, so a different playing field is definitely an obstacle you can triumph over. Regardless, you can accept that this is happening and that you cannot change it, so focusing your energy on the negative aspects will not help you. Participation will distract you and help build you up in a new environment. I wish you the best of luck.


PS be sure to take advantage of Tonka’s awesome counseling center and let them help you get ready for the real fun—post high school experiences!