48th Street Players debut improv show

Amber Murray, Co-copy editor

Thursday, Oct. 8 was the first 48th Street Player’s improv show of the year. It was called Improvapalooza.

The Improvapalooza was a performance where the 48th Street Players did improv games in front of a live audience.

Some of the games required audience participation; adding audience suggestions for places and scenes makes each experience unique.

This year the 48th Street Players are hoping to get to the simplicity of improv.

“This year we are really getting back to basics, back to bare bones of what an improv show is. We might embellish in the upcoming shows but this year we are trying to get back to the bone cold funnies,” senior Richard Cox said.

While they did not expect a sold out show, they hope that by going back to the basics and building from there will allow them to eventually reach their goal.

“I want to be able to say we sold out the Little Theater. Which hasn’t been done since the improvathon in 2009,” Cox said.