Winnetonka Homecoming 2015: Night of the Dragon

Amy Chavarin, Writer

Homecoming Queen: Jordyn Eskijan

Homecoming King: Kevin Vo

Homecoming Princess: Emily Elliott

Homecoming Prince: Perry Randle III

Homecoming game: Winnetonka lost to Grandview 14-20

Although being on homecoming court can be very exciting, there is a lot of work to be done many people do not know about.

Some people might think it is too stressful, but senior Jordyn Eskijan says the work is worth it in the end. Finding a dress, learning new choreography, taking homecoming pictures, and much more comes with being on homecoming court.

“I think it’s a blessing and an honor to be on court and everything that has come with it is fun and exciting. It doesn’t seem like work to me, but I definitely didn’t know what to expect,” Eskijan said.

Certain criteria are put on the candidates when it comes to song choice, dresses and suits, and choreography for their dances.

“I think the dance practices and things will help prepare us for the assemblies. I think they’re necessary,” Eskijan said.

Participating in homecoming is much different for most candidates than anything they have done before.

“Its not like anything I’ve done for school before. I’ve never had to chose songs for mix tapes of music or learn choreographed dances or anything like that it’s a whole new experience,” Eskijan said.

(This interview was conducted before Jordyn was crowned Homecoming Queen on Friday, October 2.)