SoMo makes you want some more


Photo by Savannah Moore

A phone photo taken from the crowd point of view on Friday, October 2.

Savannah Moore, Co-copy editor

On Oct. 2, singer-songwriter SoMo brought his “Fallin’ Up” tour to the Uptown Theatre in downtown Kansas City.

Joseph Somers-Morales, aka SoMo, started out as a YouTube talent until he began receiving recognition from higher-ups in the music industry. He has worked his way up for years and has received offers from labels, but he continues to work with his “crew” exclusively.

The opening acts, rapper Kirko Bangz and upcoming talent Jordan Bratton, set the tone for an up-beat, exciting concert.

Bangz played a lot of his music and even complimented other rappers by playing their music during his act.

Bratton’s performance was more interesting. He sang music he had wrote but also covered a lot of other songs. His music sounded a lot like music heard in a Forever 21 store, but in a good way.

Bratton did much better setting the tone for the concert as a whole. Bangz was not as intense in his music as Bratton was. It was easy to see the passion Bratton had for both his music and singing others’ songs.

SoMo himself was incredible. It does not happen often that you get a singer who is just as good on stage as they are in a studio, but SoMo never fails at it.

He performed a wide range of old songs to new songs from an album he had dropped just two days before his arrival to Kansas City.

The crowd was mainly females and the competition to get closer to the stage turned physical at a few points.

At the beginning of the concert, a group of girls towards the back of the crowd began pushing everyone in front of them, causing people to topple over.

This made the atmosphere of the rest of the concert a little too intense.

Despite this, his concert was more than expected. SoMo deserves an A.