Westboro Baptist Church pickets Oak Park High School

Rachel Adamson, Editor in Chief

Westboro Baptist Church protested in the Northland on Oct. 1 holding their signs reading “God hates Fags” and “God didn’t change your chromosomes” in a picket towards Oak Park High School.

According to Westboro Baptist Church’s website they were protesting against Oak Park’s transgender Homecoming Queen, Landon Patterson.

This event occurred while Oak Park students were still in class and the students were not allowed to leave the building and join in the protest. Police surrounded the premises at Oak Park High School to ensure that the protest would remain off school grounds.

“They wouldn’t let anybody leave, but everything seemed pretty normal inside the school,” junior Allee Armitage, an Oak Park student who was in the school building said.

The protest attracted about 100 people in opposition to Westboro Baptist Church to the five or six protesters from Westboro Baptist Church.

However, reported by a few protestors in opposition to Westboro Baptist Church, the church did not accomplish what they wanted to, causing them to leave the protest early at 1:38pm.

“We pushed them [Westboro Baptist Church] into their car and they took off,”  Tammy Anuy, a protestor said.