Super Blood Moon Eclipse


Rachel Adamson

The Super Blood Moon Eclipse at 10:09 on Sunday, Sept. 27.

Rachel Adamson, Editor in Chief

A rare astronomical phenomenon occurred yesterday going into the early hours this morning.

It was a Super Blood Moon Eclipse which has not occurred for 33 years and will not be seen again until 2033.

The moon was at the closest point to the Earth reaming only 221,753 miles away, causing the super moon.

Junior Sarah Anderson, was watching the Moon on her front porch last night with her Grandpa.

“I was sitting on my front porch and the Moon started to change to red. I told my Grandpa to come and watch it and he said no. Then he asked me when the next Blood Moon was and I told him 2033. He told me he would not be around for the next Blood Moon.” Anderson said.

Anderson was correct about when the next Blood Moon would occur.

“I hope to be in a hot tub in New York City on a rooftop to watch the next Blood Moon in 2033.”