Alleged puppy mill busted

Amy Chavarin, Writer

Forty-eight dogs were removed from an alleged puppy mill near Oak Grove in Eastern Jackson County, Missouri on September 15.

According to KCTV5 Deputies found the dogs in the home and in a shed behind the house with about two or three inches of feces covering the floors. Members of the Humane Society helped remove the dogs, taking them to Great Plains Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Independence, Missouri.

“I think the people should have taken better care of the dogs than what they did. Dogs are still living things that need to be treated just as equally,” junior Stephanie Todd said.

The workers and crew needed to wear masks because the odor was so bad. Some of the dogs were ill and needed to be seen by a vet.

“I feel bad for the dogs because if the workers had to wear masks I wonder how bad the odor was for the dogs,” Todd said.

According to KMBC the owner of the home did not have the required permit to own more than three dogs. The woman was taken into custody at Jackson County Sheriff’s Office headquarters.

“I feel like she should go to jail because I don’t know how she can hurt something so innocent,” Todd said.