September 11 football game results in injuries


Alyssa Magrone, Copy Editor/A&E Editor

The Friday night football game on September 11, left two varsity players injured.

The players injured were seniors Isaiah Hensley and Gerald Onama.

Hensley went down on the field, it was abnormal for him not to get up, so immediate worry filled the crowd and players.

He ended up being carried to an ambulance on a gurney due to pain in his leg.

After medical inspections, it was determined that Hensley dislocated his ankle and broke his fibula. He will most likely be out the rest of the season.

The incident was dramatic, and the whole team was devastated.

“My initial reaction was all the things he has worked for throughout the 4 years of high school football is over. It was emotional and we shed tears,” senior Brian Dean said.

While some may be doubtful about the rest of the season, Dean is optimistic.

“The team can do well as long as someone steps up. We are all going to miss him but there is no one person in a team,” Dean said.

While Hensley’s injury was obvious and taken care of immediately, Onama also suffered through a painful injury until the end of the game.

After the game he was taken to the hospital and what appeared as broken ribs, ended up leaving his kidney punctured.

*Onama’s injuries are not for certain, so further information will be added, stay tuned for updated information.