Fall play is in action

Children of Eden

Kaitlyn Minet, News Editor

The Winnetonka Theatre Department will be performing a musical called Children of Eden with a cast consisting of students who audition and receive a part, football players and children of the staff.

Those who audition are in the play but also some of the children of the staff are going to be involved including English teacher, Melissa Camarda’s daughter, Eloise.  All staff children were invited to participate.

The children are taking on roles to play the parts of animals.  The children first practiced on September 1.   They are starting with fewer practices and then will join in for more as the performance date approaches.

The musical is introducing children to theatre and acting at young age; the thought is that this might help them become more interested later when they are in high school.

“I think this will make Eloise want to be in future productions,” Camarda said.

It is  also a good way for kids to become more comfortable with being on stage or performing in front of audiences.

“I think she (Eloise) can be shy so I think it’s always good when you’re shy to do things where you’re participating in something to kinda make your fear of people looking at you less debilitating,” Camarda said.

The play is designed to be a show that is positive experience for everyone participating.

“The kids in the theatre department that the children are going to be hanging out with are good role models,” Camarda said.

The show will open on Thursday, November 19-21 at 7 pm each night.