Gotta Keep Your Head Up


Photo by Rachel Adamson

Senior Dominic Padilla encouraging his teammate senior Tyler Kalm after a soccer game on August 27.

According to senior Tyler Kalm, soccer is off to a rough start this season.

The boys have yet to win a game and are trying not to be discouraged.

Kalm claims that coach Flynn, the head coach of soccer is doing his best to keep the teams’ spirits up.

“He [coach Flynn] makes us not feel as bad and he keeps our heads up. He reminds us that it is a game for fun and that we should be having fun as a team,” Kalm said.

However, Kalm does not blame the team’s ability to play soccer as the reason for their loses.

“It is more of a team thing. We have new positions so we need to learn to play as a team in our new positions,” Kalm said.

As the boys improve on working as a team they hope to see their fans at the next home game on September 9 at the DAC.