Plus size, smush size

Ciara Arena, Writer

Actor and fashion designer, Melissa McCarthy is coming out with a new clothing line called Seven7. It is specifically plus size size clothing with sizes running 4-28.

McCarthy told CNN that she is tired of plus size women’s clothing being segregated and in a different section just because it includes clothing for larger women.

Seven7 was created because of McCarthy’s desire for fashion but also because she is tired of hearing the term “plus size”. McCarthy finds it very odd that more than half the population of women are a size 14 or above and stores only have one section of clothing for these women.

McCarthy agrees with CNN that she is helping women to find more clothing in their sizes without having to feel like they are having to shop at a whole different section. She is finally giving women more of a voice and an opinion about the segregation of their clothing.

“I’m not hurt by it because I wear plus size clothes too, but I don’t feel like it should be called ‘plus size’,” sophomore Kristina Curlett said.

Curlett believes that confidence plays a big role when shopping for clothing.

“Yeah, I was like that before I realized I wasn’t dressing for my body, so I think insecurity is a part of it,” Curlett said.

McCarthy’s clothing will be displayed with all the other sizes in the stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom who hold her clothing line.