Harvesters is a community service opportunity


Emily Elliott, senior editor in chief

Emily Elliott, Editor in chief

Students are gathering community service hours by volunteering at a local Harvesters drop-off once a month.

With the help of the rugby and soccer boys, Harvesters coordinator Nichole Elliott is able to continue the Harvesters program in the Northland.

“For some of the people who help out it helps their families directly, and other Tonka students who help become more aware of their community as well as receiving community service hours along the way,” Elliott said.

From the students’ perspective, Harvesters has helped widen their involvement with the community and see the Northland in a different point of view.

“Harvesters has helped make me appreciate the things I have because I know there’s people out there who have it worse,” senior Josh White said.

Elliott started the Harvesters drive-in because of some complications in her neighborhood.

“People are hungry, the numbers are on the rise, so if we are helping them with food and nutrition, then they can use the money they saved for groceries on other things like the electric and water bills,” Elliott said.

Harvester volunteers recommend others to come and experience the process for themselves.

“It looks good on a resume and it helps create a good image for yourself,” White said.

The next Harvesters Drive- In will be located at Lifespring Community Church on Friday, Aug. 28  at 4 pm.